The delivery of the Masters Degree Project is something that all university students have to face. If your turn comes and you want to know how to do it successfully, do not miss any detail of what we tell you next.

The preparation of the TFG is your opportunity to validate everything you have learned throughout the years of your career.

Follow these tips to make sure that your TFG receives a good evaluation.

The presentation of your project is an important part of the TFG and your ability to defend it before the teachers’ tribunal.

The defense of the TFG, or what is the same, the final year project, is the step prior to obtaining the title for which you have been fighting for so long.

The issue is not to be taken lightly, and it deserves you to pay the necessary attention. However, if you are a little lost with the subject and you need impulse, we recommend that you pay attention to the following questions:

Choice of theme

Choose according to your tastes. Keep in mind that the development of TFG will take you many hours so, it is necessary that at least, be with a theme that motivates you. In this way, it will cost you less to take the work forward and you will be happier.

Who will direct the project

It is also essential that you think calmly with whom you want to work. It has to be someone who knows the subject, able to guide and help you whenever necessary.

Likewise, it is advisable that you have good sympathy with the tutor of the project because it will touch you to work side by side and, if there is no feeling, it can become a real torture.

Gather information

Once you know what you are going to write about and who is going to coordinate your work, it is time to get down to work with the investigation.

The TFG must be the result of a thorough process of searching for documentation, from which to draw certain conclusions. For this, you will have to consult different sources and contrast them, make interviews, read books and manuals on the subject, etc. All this so that the result of your work is original, with exclusive data that will give you a positive evaluation.


Once you have all the content you need for the development of the project, make schemes and select that part of the information you want to reflect in the work.

During the investigation you will have collected a lot of data, surely, part of them are disposable because they do not fit with the idea you have in ment; so be very clear which line you want to follow and how to limit.


Can not imagine the amount of good material that has gone to hell for not being well written. The text must be understandable and to the point, in addition to following the structure set in the guidelines of the project: introduction, status of the issue, …

A very common mistake is to start rambling during whole sheets, going around the same thing without adding anything of value in order to occupy space and reach the stipulated minimum. However, you should know that this trick is ineffective and is often penalized by examiners.


The substance of the TFG must end with the conclusions drawn from your research process.

As in any self-respecting study, the project will begin with the presentation of various hypotheses that will be confirmed or not, at the end of the work. This section should also serve as a summary of the development dynamics of the TFG and is extremely important. So, you know, firmly by the conclusions.

Presentation of the content

The university sets guidelines to follow for the delivery of the project. We return to the same thing, if the work is impeccable but you deliver it in the wrong format, it will surely be your turn to go to the next call.

Consult with interest each one of the details referred to the form to present the TFG and you will avoid dislikes.

Delivery of documentation

It complies with the delivery deadlines and defense request. Once your project manager gives the go-ahead to your work, you must submit several papers in the university that will entitle you to defend the TFG.

The procedure may vary from one center to another, but in general, you will be asked to present the tutor’s consent, hard copies or upload them to the virtual classroom.

The staging

Prepare in advance the deployment that you will make the day of the defense. In case you did not know, 93% of what we say we do without words, so it is essential that you take care of all the details of the presentation.

Normally, you will have a few minutes to explain what the investigation consisted of and what the conclusions are, and then, it will be the court’s turn to ask some questions before deliberating.

To help them in their “decision”, make sure your intervention is dynamic and that it goes to the point. Lastly, also take care of your personal appearance.


Forget about your nerves and introduce yourself willing to defend the academic quality of your work.

The call is public, which means that anyone can go as a listener, but that should not shake your concentration. Focus on your goal: finish the race successfully. Trust in you and eat the world!

We can only wish you encouragement and good luck!