University excellence facilitates the educational and professional development of these brilliant students who stand out for their academic involvement

All the universities are concerned with promoting the excellence of their students, so that they improve the quality levels of the center and facilitate the professional development of the graduates.

The ways in which university excellence is fostered with the involvement of institutions, private initiatives and scholarships are very diverse.

Each of the university institutions usually have their own programs to reward university excellence and promote bright students.

University excellence is usually one of the academic ways to obtain certain rewards and facilities during the university stage and postgraduate studies.

In addition, many of these privileges for bright students are based on financial aid for study and international mobility, as well as the ability to enjoy limited training or professional experiences for the best academic records.

You must bear in mind that marking the goal of having a good record and opting for university excellence has great advantages for students:

1 Opt for honor plates

2 Economic awards for the best file

That will help you to recover your investment in studies or receive funds to carry out other courses or get equipment that will help you in your professional development.

3 Scholarships of excellence to expand studies

With a remarkable file you will have facilities to obtain funding for postgraduate studies or funds for your doctorate.

4 Scholarships of excellence for international mobility

Bright students can access training programs and professional scholarships in other countries with a large part of the expenses covered.

5 departmental scholarships

If your interest is focused on research, the best records are more likely to access paid positions as research assistants.

6 Participate in international programs

As a brilliant student you can be chosen as a representative of your university and participate in training programs and educational competitions globally.

Enjoying this type of scholarship or participating in programs reserved for university excellence has another important advantage that translates into the broad work horizon that is presented to this type of students.

The councils of education and local governments are another of the bodies that are committed to initiatives that promote university excellence, so that their scholarship programs contribute to improving the economic and social environment of the student.

In collaboration with the Francisco de Vitoria University, for 15 years they offer scholarships that cover 90% of the university expenses, destined to the brilliant students who want to access this university.

The Educational Project of the UFV with its coverage scholarships is an example of what this university center does, like many others, encouraging students to work harder and receive great rewards for it.

Currently, 45 students of this University enjoy this scholarship that involves large discounts and grants to face their university education without any obstacles.